Agency: Allure-A Christie Company
Client: Freddy's Steakburgers and Fries
Role: Redesign of custard menu screen
The quick serve restaurant chain, Freddy's, requested a redesign of their digital menu boards in order to decrease customer wait time in line and to also increase custard sales. The initial menu design above provided by the client was visually cluttered and did not clearly direct customers to their options in a timely manner.
In the initial design phase, I decided to increase the size of food imagery to attract the customers attention to their custard options immediately. Food imagery was added to the "Create Your Own Custard" section to encourage customers to create their own unique dining experience.
In the final design phase, the client requested to add calories to the menu, so the "Toppings & Mix-Ins" section was redesigned. 
The client saw an increase in custard sales and customers reported a lower perceived wait-time in line as a result of this redesign campaign.

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