Agency: Allure-A Christie Company
Client: Coca Cola®​​​​​​​
Role: Animation and design using Coca Cola® Freestyle Assets provided by the Coca-Cola Company.
The Coca-Cola Company partnered with the Five Guys restaurant chain with a desire to increase Coca-Cola beverage sales at restaurant locations. Coca-Cola came up with a strategy to reach millennial customers that dine at Five Guys restaurants by highlighting healthy drink options that could complement their already high-calorie meals.

Incorporating both the Five Guys and Coca-Cola Freestyle brands, I designed and animated three separate ads that would grab the customer's attention as they approached the ordering counter. A variety of healthy options are highlighted in the ads while maintaining the unique feel of each individual brand.

Shortly after the launch of these ads at Five Guys restaurants nationwide, the chain reported increases in Coca Cola® Freestyle drink sales at numerous locations.
Below you can view the animations displayed in real world locations.

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